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Bianca Ocier

Animation Specialist




Cagayan de Oro City

Date of Birth:

A Bit About Me

Bianca Ocier is a digital illustrator, comic letterer, and animator based in Cagayan de Oro. It has been a lifelong dream of hers to become a voice actor, so she studied 2D Animation in Informatics Computer Institute and started working on comics right after graduation, in hopes of serializing her own comics and starring in her own animated series.

In her six years of working as a digital artist, she has had the delight in working on various projects such as illustrating the webcomic Life of Arnel for Scribbtoons, coloring and lettering comics for Garena, Joe Lujan, and StoneMountain64, as well as making character designs and animating a music video for Raven Black.

Growing up, Ocier has had difficulties in expressing herself to people, a struggle that she still faces to this day. Making art has become some sort of outlet for her, and conveying her sentiments through her comics has been a great help, and it humbles her to be helping others in getting their thought across through commissions.

Ocier likes listening to one song on loop while making her artworks, and giving her dog CowboyBeefloaf lots of belly rubs in her free time.

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