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Best Facts About The Scribble Media

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Have you ever wondered where all your favorite manga, comics and anime came from?

The popularity, the merchandise, and the community.

Little did you know that the people behind them are the unsung heroes of the creative world.

Those thousands of iterations,

The Revisions.

And the rejections.

Are the products of those things on your hands right now

And you might be wondering that the people behind those stories that you anxiously wait every week gets to celebrate like the fans.

With the constant spinning of the wheel,

The writers,

The artists,

The editors,

The printers,

The publishers,

Will continue to deliver your stories, regardless of the situation.


What if you don’t know how to write your own story, let alone draw?

That is where we come in….

The Scribble Media is a conglomerate of fans who wanted to share their talent and create visions that the uninitiated are not capable of doing.

We help those who are in need of these services, from artists to the authors alike.

From script, to the art, to the animation and the publication, we are the solution.

The Scribble Media is made up of two subsidiaries:

Scribbtoons is an online platform that publishes comics or manga from the talented creators and artists that are yet to be known from the whole world.

From ‘Zamora’ to ‘Life of Arnel’ they have a plethora of indie titles for your daily consumption.

The Scribble Initiate is a social platform for artists, which will help them nurture and develop their talents and be ready for the corporate world.

Workshops, Tutorials, Client handling to Social networking for artists, these are the main aesthetics of the studio.

By bringing those two affiliates together we create The Scribble Media.

With a pool of talented artists from the Scribble Initiate, we will acquire them clients from around the world, and publish their work on Scribbtoons which we can showcase their IPs without any restraints.

It’s an ecosystem of Authors, artists and publishers that thrives in the digital age in this entertainment and corporate world.

It’s a manifestation of visions from the author to the artist and to the publisher.

We are Scribble Media.

And if you want to know more about the Scribble Media check out our YouTube channel

And if you want to check out our affiliates, links down below.

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