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BEST MACRO KEYBOARD FOR Clip Studio Paint Shortcuts!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022


When deadlines are coming, you end up in a state of panic,


You might not want to end up like this

Welcome to the Scribble Media

We’ll be showing you ‘how to add or use a Numeric keypad on an Ipad pro for Clip Studio Paint shortcuts’


Ever wondered why top artists finish their art before deadlines

They use shortcuts!

That’s right; the key for a faster workflow is using shortcuts on your keyboard.

And you might say, why not use a keyboard?

Well, you can use one actually, but keyboards are big and cannot fit in your pocket.

And you cannot carry it anywhere you go,

Unless you carry your house with you

This is the solution

A wireless numeric keypad

Available on online stores or at your local computer shops

This simple little device can help you wonders

It’s lightweight, and a space saver

You can use it with your iMac, or your laptop, or your PC

But today I’m going to show you how to use it on an IPad Pro



Turn on the Numeric keypad and let your IPad detect it on Bluetooth

On my model, it came out as a ‘Bluetooth keypad’

It installs easily or you can refer to the device's manual

Then on your clip studio paint

Click on the clip studio icon on the upper left

And click Shortcut Settings

This is where you assign the shortcut keys on your numeric keypad

-The Menu commands

-Pop-up palettes



-Auto Actions

Click on the tool you want to assign and click Edit shortcut

Now this part will be at your own preference on which tools you use frequently

Since the number of keypad buttons that can be assigned with the shortcuts is limited.

Once you’re done click OK and you’re good to go


Since you need to familiarize yourself with the shortcuts on your keypad

You’ll have to customize your device with


Create Icons that will match your shortcuts for your keypad and have fun with it

And then print it

Now this is the fun part

Placing the stickers on your Numeric keypad

And if you want the sticker to last on the keypad

Add clear gel glue on top and sides of the placed stickers

Just make sure not to spill or over apply the glue in between the keys

Once it’s dried you can now marvel at your own creation

‘The Wireless Numeric Keypad shortcut for your Clip Studio Paint’


With this newly acquired device, you can now level with the pros

And how you can save time with your art and beat deadlines

And do other stuff like chores or hobbies

Just keep on practicing

And if you have any questions about this DIY device, just let us know

And if you want to know more about the Scribble Media check out our YouTube channel

Amazon Link for the Numeric Keypad:

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