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Updated: Feb 17

Advancement of technology is inevitable

There is no turning back

From gadgets


One can help us

The other can break us

Since customizable keyboards are trendy nowadays

We as artists don't get left behind

With all the toys that are readily available in the market

We should evolve and adapt from the norms of the cyber ecosystem

Or one day we will be destroyed by AI

Just kidding

Or am I....

These tools are just a mere helping hand to make our workflow


And faster

So no need to worry about getting killed by a T1000

Were just artists you know.

By scouring through the depths of the dark web

And informed by a reliable mole in the black market

I came across this!

A wireless mechanical customizable 12 keys with knob keypad

Now that’s a mouthful.

So say goodbye to my years old numeric keypad

Now why do you say why not just the keypad without knobs

That's the neat part

The knobs has a specific function for animation projects

That's right


With the right shortcut settings and these knobs can be handy in previewing

The next frame to the last frame

Pretty neat right?

Before we start customizing I recommend

Purchasing from a reliable seller for the keypad

That has a working customizable app

And you may need these Relegendable keycaps

So we can customize our shortcuts with icons!

Here's how I setup my keypad

I planned everything before assigning shortcuts

From brainstorming to


After the planning is complete

I initially plugged the keypad to the USB port

And run the app provided by the keypad

And then

Follow the instructions carefully

Since these customized stuffs can be a pain

Once they are ready, we now move on to customizing the shortcut icons!

I have a printable icons ready from awhile back from my previous content

So it’s time to print them....

Anyways once you have the printed icons

We can now attach it to the Relegendable keycaps

And whala!

Now were ready to test it

Since this is a wireless keypad it can easily sync with the IPad or pc via Bluetooth

And it works like wonders

Like stealing candy from a baby

Not that I want you steal any

With these new keypad the clickity clack of the keycaps

Make you feel like you've worked a thousand projects

And the knobs can be one of the easiest workflows for animation

Since you have to work with hundreds of frames in minutes

Remember that these are only tools, you yourself is the artist that will create masterpieces that any AI could not train with.

So keep on practicing and keep on drawing.

Leave a like, share, and subscribe and see you on the next content

Ayo ayo mo!

Keypad product links:

Amazon Item listing

Ali Express


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