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DIY Overhead Camera Mount for Less than $100

Watch me as I turn a Monitor Mount into a DIY Overhead Camera Rig that is perfect for your overhead art videos

When a beginner artist like you want to record your art progress and document

Those awesome time-lapse

And the intricate details


Cheap products that doesn’t do but destroy your life’s work

In an instant

We have a solution

A DIY Overhead Camera Mount

We are in the age of digital technology where every work, every development, every progress are recorded In the eyes of digital wonders

But with the advancement of technology there are some things that are needed to ‘do it yourself’ to achieve perfection

While most artists prefer to buy tools that are readily available in the market, but gratuitously expensive

some prefer to buy cheap ones that are little to no value and can easily destroy your equipment or even your dignity.

But here is what I have discovered…

An item that is sole purpose is to hold monitors, can be used as an overhead camera mount

You heard me right

It can hold 2 large monitors, why not a DSLR or your latest camera or your latest phone

Now, why would a monitor mount can hold a camera, you would ask


This contraption has a ¼ screw that can fit to a camera that has a ¼ screw adapter

And also to any ball head bracket or any phone holder

Just make sure that the mount you’ll buy has this screw at the end of the mount

I bought a Loop Alloy Dual Vertical Monitor Mount so that you can be sure that it can fit to your camera or phone rig.

The Installation is easy,


The mount should be installed adjacent to your work area on a desk

Make sure that your table is sturdy

Now install the first pole and clamp it on the table

And then install the 2nd pole and use the allen wrench provided to lock the 2nd pole in place

After the poles are tightly fit

Install the first arm by sliding it through the pole

Once it is at your desired height of installation tighten it with the Allen wrench

Then install the 2nd arm the same way as how you installed the first arm

Now you might ask why the 2nd arm, why not buy a one arm monitor bracket

The second arm is for your LED ring light or any LED light

The light will illuminate your work area and achieve a professional and quality footage for your overhead recording.

Once all the arms are installed, you can now install your ball Head bracket, Ring LED light and camera

And now your overhead camera rig is ready to use.

This DiY rig is sturdy and not wobbly like those cheap contraptions you can find on any online store.

And it can hold your expensive camera or a heavy DSLR since each arm has a maximum load capacity of 13 kg.

So before you buy a dual monitor mount check the specifications first or ask the supplier.

If you have any questions about the DiY Overhead Camera Mount let me know down the comments

See you on the next content

Ayo ayo mo!

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