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How to Setup Animated Layers in Clip Studio Paint

Animation projects are tedious and time-consuming. Modern problems require modern solutions! Here’s a quick tip for those who want a faster turnaround for their animation pipeline.

Clip Studio Paint Animation Layer Hacks
Clip Studio Paint Animation Layer Hacks

You're on a tight deadline and you're struggling with the different layers on each animation frame. Over and over and over again. Fear not, we might have the solution for you.


Hello there, fellow artists and enthusiasts, and welcome to the Scribble Media. This is Quick Tips. Animation projects are tedious and time consuming.


Animation on Clip Studio Paint

It requires more effort, more creativity, more caffeine, and more depression. Modern problems require modern solutions. Close City Paint's recent updates have been kind to artists that are struggling with deadlines, especially animation.


Each animation frame is different to layers, and each animation folder is different to layer folders. So every time you copy an animation frame, it has a tedious way of duplicating it to the next frame. Here is a quick tip for those who want a faster turnaround for their animation pipeline every time you start an animation folder.

typical animation layers


Instead of creating an animation frame, like any other traditional way of animation, create a folder instead and label it the first frame.

create a folder and label it first frame

And then create all the lineart, color flat, color render layers within the folder. Once you're done with the first frame of animation, create the next frame and voila! All the layers within the folder will be automatically duplicated to the next frame without the content.

add layers under the folder such as colors and lineart


But with the same settings. All the settings you've done on the previous layer will be copied to the next layer. How awesome is that? You can now easily copy lineart or color frames from the previous frame.

layers under the animation folder


Thank the CSP gods from above! I just wanted to say… thanks! I'm glad you came along!

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Clip Studio Paint Animation Layer Hacks

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