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How To Use Back Up Files on Clip Studio Paint

Losing your precious artwork because of an unexpected power interruption can be a bummer; it's a good thing Clip Studio Paint has our backs! Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how you can find your Backup files on Clip Studio Paint!

Have you ever experienced this?

And you don't have a UPS.

With the power comes back only to find out that the file you've been working on has been corrupted.

It's a good thing Clip Studio Paint has a backup folder.

You just have to know where to look.

With hours and hours of work down the drain because of some glitches or blackouts and, you've thought that the lost time you've been working can never be recovered.

I can feel your frustration.

The anger.

The hatred.

The developers of Clip Studio Paint continue to innovate as artists with ease and accessibility. But providing us with some workarounds for those frustrations.

Thanks Celsys.

Regularly, on Windows 10, you can find the backup files at documents, Celsys, and Clip Studio Paint Data.

And then Document Backup and also Initial Backup.

But there's another folder where you can find the most recent backup files and time-relevant save files of your backup.

First, go to the drive where your OS Windows is installed, which, in my case, is Drive C.

Then, go to Users and your user profile name.

Then App Data.

Then Roaming.

Then Celsys User Data.

Then go to Celsys.

And then Clip Studio Paint Data.

You can now view your backup files at Document Backup.

This has different versions on which time you recently saved within the day.

You can also view some backup files in the folder Initial Backup.

Thank God for backup files.

If you have any questions about the content, you can comment down below.

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Ayo ayo mo!

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